Sunday, July 6, 2008


We had Natalie's 1 year pictures taken today (ok, yes, yes, I know. I KNOW! A little late...but better late than never, right?)

Our friend Angela took them for us at Sturgeon Point Marina and then at Wendt Beach Park. I cannot even WAIT to get my hands on these pictures. The ones Ang showed me were beyond gorgeous. I've been wanting a picture of Natalie that just takes my breath away. And I think I've probably got several!! I am going to spend a FORTUNE on these pictures, I can guarantee it. But it is so worth it. And Ang is SO great and easy going to work with. She is crazy busy right now (she's getting MARRIED next month!!!) and she still managed to find time to fit us in today.

BYE BYE SEARS PORTRAIT STUDIO!!!!! You've been replaced by a much more talented and artistic photographer. We spent almost an hour and a half and Natalie was soooooo happy the whole time (well...a little cranky at the end. It was nap time). That is a far cry from how rushed we were and how much crying there was at about 30 minutes.

I can't wait to share!!

In the meantime...check out Angela's website.

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