Thursday, September 16, 2010

Support a great cause AND shop for Pampered Chef!!

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The Waner Children's Foundation is a great cause and has been a great help and support to my friend while her daughter has gone through treatment for a hemangioma birthmark. For more information check out

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Almost there!!

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Our Lil Stinker

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1st day of preschool!!

Today was my baby's 1st day of preschool!! ACK! How did she get to be so grown up? She had a great first day (well, according to her!). She was a little overwhelmed at first - so many people! It was hard for me because you hug them goodbye and then she's whisked away into the classroom. I wish that I could have walked with her to her cubby and hung her backpack up or something. But I guess I need to get used to her doing that stuff without me, right?

Natalie's teacher, Mrs Peggy, is so sweet! She kneeled at the entrance of the classroom and gave each little kiddo a great big hug and told them how happy she was to see them. Natalie absolutely loved her, and the other teacher, Mrs Lori. From what I can gather...she hung up her backpack in her cubby, there was another Natalie in the class, there were also 2 Dylans (she got a kick out of that since her buddy at the babysitter is Dylan!), and Mrs Peggy played the guitar during circle time. They played with some playdough, ate cupcakes and goldfish crackers for snack time (interesting combo...), played with some toys, and cleaned up. And apparently she didn't talk to any boys - LOL!!!!!! She said she just wanted to talk to girls. Too funny!!

She was totally zonked when we picked her up. We took her out for lunch at Friendly's but I'm thinking we should have skipped that because she was EXHAUSTED and in a really goofy mood. AKA - driving Jeff and I BONKERS!!

All in all, it was a great day!

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