Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas: Take 2

We traveled to Syracuse for Christmas. Natalie was a trooper and had a blast playing with Nana, Poppy, Aunt Katie, and Kevin. We went to church on Christmas Eve and she was such a good girl! I'm sure she entertained the people sitting behind us! After than we went to Aunt Phil's for her annual Christmas party. Natalie had lots of fun running around and helping Aunt Katie bar tend.

Natalie was so spoiled on Christmas day and got lots of fun gifts. I think her favorite was the laser pointer - which was actually meant for Otis the cat. We spent the day with the Persons crew and had a great time. The next day Kevin flew into town and we went and hung out with the Nellenback's and Great Grandma and Great Jaja. Natalie got all sorts of fun gifts there too!!

We had to leave on Saturday and Natalie wasn't too happy about that. We went to visit Uncle Steve and Aunt Sarah and had a great time. We've enjoyed our couple of weeks off and we're a little sad to get back in the swing of things. We enjoyed our time off as a family!!

Watching Cars for the millionth time!!

Welcome to the world, Reagan Eileen!!!!!!!!

My dear dear friend Katie and her husband Mike welcomed their daughter Reagan Eileen into the world last night at 10:27pm. Reagan was 5lbs 8oz which is a great weight for being 6 weeks early! Looks like she wanted to meet everyone as badly as they wanted to meet her!!

Mom is doing well and Reagan is hanging out in the NICU because she was so early. Her lungs look good and they'll watch how she eats today and go from there. Please send good thoughts their way!!!

Lots of love to Reagan and family!!!!!!!! The Hubers are SO excited and can't wait to meet you!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas: Take 1

We celebrated Christmas with the Huber family the weekend before Christmas. Uncle Steve and Aunt Sarah came into town and SPOILED Natalie! They got her a super duper cute table and chairs set!! YAY! Natalie also got lots of Little People toys from Grandma and Papa.

Playing in the snow!

She was a little wired...

Think she was a little wired on Thanksgiving? :-)


Aunt Katie taught Natalie how to toast at Thanksgiving!