Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My worst fear came true :-(

Natalie wouldn't go to me when I picked her up from the babysitter today. She only wanted the babysitter (Aunt Val). I took her from Val and she kept reaching for her and started crying hysterically. She has never ever cried like that before. She cried like that the whole way home.

That has been my biggest fear about working and Natalie going to daycare - that she would begin to favor the babysitter over me. And now it happened. It completely broke my heart. I cried right along with Natalie on the ride home.

I know that I should just be happy that I have such a super babysitter for Natalie. At least I know she's being well taken care of while she's there and having fun with the other kids.

But I feel like such a failure as a Mom. Like, if I was a good Mom, my baby would KNOW I'm her Mother and want to go to me after she's been with the babysitter all day.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Natalie's latest accomplishment!

So, as I've learned once again...you can't plan ahead what your child will or will not do.  
I have been saying since before Natalie was born that I didn't want her walking before she was a year old.  I figured, why rush it?  Once she's walking, I'll be chasing her all over the place.  My Mom always told me they learned their lesson with me.  I was walking at 10 months - when my sister started trying to stand up, my Mom pulled her down because she didn't want her walking that early.  I was so convinced I could do the same thing.  Yea, right.
Natalie is now standing and pulling herself up.  Not only is she doing that but she's also been able to walk across the babysitter's entire living room by pushing this little ottoman on wheels (its the PERFECT height for a baby learning to walk).  There's no stopping her.  Look out - Natalie is on the move.  She is in Uncle Steve's wedding in May - she'll be the flower girl.  I have a feeling that she'll be walking down the aisle with Jeff and I instead of one of us carrying her.
God help us!

Snow from Wednesday!!

Natalie making out with the sliding glass door...weirdo

The view from our back deck!  We got about 1.5 feet of snow Wednesday evening

Natalie enjoying some time outside!

This is how Natalie feels about the Pats going to the Superbowl...

Can we discuss Harry Potter for a moment? (spoilers!)

Of course we can. Its my blog.

I just finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

I cannot even believe that J.K. Rowling killed off Dumbledore. I don't even know how the heck Harry can go on without him! Poor Harry - how much more loss does the kid have to endure? In book 5 she killed Sirius, now Dumbledore. I kept reading on thinking it was a hoax and that he'd be back somehow or there would be a clue...I just couldn't believe he was really dead. I was crying! And I slept so bad last night trying to come up with all the possible ways that he might not be dead. Pathetic, right?

And what's worse - it was stupid Snape that killed him! WTF! I can't wait to find out what the reason was for Dumbledore trusting him all this time. I just can't get my mind off of it.

Thank GOD I only have 1 more book to go - I'm seriously addicted to this series, and I need to get a life again. Poor Jeff...all I do is read!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Go Natalie Go!

Natalie is crawling! Look at her go, she is all over the place!

More pictures...

Natalie's first time in the snow!

And again...I suck at blogging!!!!

Here are some pictures of Aunt Tewks and Taryn with me and Natalie!

Well, since its been a month and a half, I thought I'd update since my friends on my Mommy Board left some no so subtle hints that a few of us needed to update.  LOL.  So, here it is!!
We had a great Christmas.  We are so blessed.  It was CRAZY and I don't think Natalie took a nap for 4 days straight, but it was still good to see everyone.  

You wouldn't believe all the things Natalie is doing now...she's 8 1/2 months old already!!  Where did the time go?  

She now has 4, yup 4!!! teeth.  Two on the bottom, and 2 on the top.  I wouldn't be surprised if she gets at least 1 or 2 more on the top in the next week or so.  

She started crawling around Christmas...she's getting really good at it!  I need to figure out some sort of a baby containment center!  She's having a blast at the babysitter's playing with Dylan and Mariah now that she can go places.  Granted, they leave her in the dust, she's still having a good time.  

Let's see...what else?  She gives kisses!  They are open mouthed slobbery kisses, but still kisses.  She gets 3 meals a day of solid food and has started on some table foods.  I'm hoping that I can get movtivated this weekend and perhaps start making a little bit of food for her to try.  So far she loves pancakes, waffles, toast, broccoli, cauliflower, spaghetti, carrots, and potato.  She does NOT like banana!

Oh, and 2 days ago SHE PULLED HERSELF UP!!!  She just wants to go go go!  I'm slightly worried about this since I can hardly keep up with her now.  But I think she might be able to walk for Uncle Stevie's wedding!  

I'm supposed to go get my hair done today and then meet up with Jessi for lunch.  Hopefully the weather holds out.  We're supposed to be getting a minor blizzard or something.  Figures.  On the day I have to myself to get things done!  I also have to run some errands at the mall.  Keep your fingers crossed.  

2 weeks ago I went to my friend Taryn's baby shower.  Natalie was SUCH a good girl!  She was perfect in the car, and she was very entertaining at the shower.  It can be really hard though when you take a baby someplace like that where you don't know anyone, or no one has a baby.  They just kind of watch you while you struggle to juggle the baby, your plate of food, the baby's food, etc.  I'm so excited for Taryn to have her baby.  Any day now.  Well, maybe.  She's due on the 26th, but there has be ZERO progress.  Poor thing hasn't even dropped.  And I guess the baby flipped, so now its breech.  We're keeping our fingers crossed for her.