Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Time flies...

Haven't really written in a bit. Life has been crazy. As always. Finding less and less time to get things done!

We went to Syracuse for the weekend and then I've been sick the past couple days. Or allergies.

Not sure how Natalie is doing with the reflux. She seems to be spitting up more. Sometimes fussing when she spits up, sometimes not. We go to the pedi tomorrow evening and I'll talk to him then. We might just go and have the upper GI done. I don't want to at all...but I guess its better to know that we're definitely dealing with reflux. Also she still has thrush, so we need to talk about that too.

Guess where we found Natalie this morning in her crib? ON HER TUMMY! The little wiggle worm somehow managed to flip herself on her tummy, while swaddled! AHHHH. I don't know why she won't do it while she's awake!

Swimming started for Jeff. Its going to be a very hectic season. It completely sucks. I mean, the money is decent. But the fact that he's going to be sooooo busy and I'm going to be the one taking care of Natalie all the time just stinks. She's going to miss her Daddy, I'm sure. I know I will.

I have to go back to the job that I hate in a month...whaaaaaaaaa!!!

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