Monday, August 13, 2007

Poop happens...

I never thought my life would revolve around poop the way it does now.  

Before Natalie, I couldn't stand conversations about anyone's poop, including my own.  

Now, its all I think about!  And I am so happy when I see that Natalie has a poopy diaper.  What a difference a few months makes.  And not only am I happy when she poops, but I check out every one to see how its different from the last.  What is WRONG with me?  I'm sure the fact that she finds it absolutely hysterical every time she has a BM has something to do with it.  
You don't see too many full body smiles over something like that.  

On to other topics...
I need to figure out a better way to de-stress.  I am so tense and have had headaches almost every day the past week.  The chiropractor wants to see me every 2 weeks now...and my TNJ is back.  *sigh*  Hopefully the crap with Jeff's parents will settle down someday soon and we can get our happy, stress free life back.  

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