Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Gus is my third - yes I said third- kitty cat.  And I think he's actually a dog trapped in a cats body.  He's a petite orange tabby with a leaky eye, a lot of spunk, and a red sock.  

That's how I got reeled in to adopt him.  They said I had to adopt the sock too.  Huh?  Yup, he came with a fuzzy, red, sock.  When kittens are separated from their moms too soon, they tend to suckle - on sweaters, blankets, etc.  Well, Gus's foster family didn't want him to suckle on clothes or anything else, so they bought him this red sock to suck instead.  And suck he did!  He's like a little kid with his stuffed animal.  It sits on the end of our bed and when we go to sleep at night, he follows us upstairs, sucks on his sock, and falls asleep.  No joke.  3 years later, he's still got the sock.  And if it isn't at the end of the bed, he cries and paces.  

He comes when you call him.  What cat does that?  He picks fights with the other 2...and always gets his butt kicked.  He's pretty scrappy.  He's scared to death of Natalie, but I think that's mostly because the other 2 don't like her.  He has figured out how to open the screen door and has lead some escapes recently.  Oh and he was also out galavanting on the roof one day!  Don't ask.  

He loves to play.  And he likes to talk -he's very loud.  And I'm so lucky he lives with me.

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