Sunday, January 27, 2008

Natalie's latest accomplishment!

So, as I've learned once can't plan ahead what your child will or will not do.  
I have been saying since before Natalie was born that I didn't want her walking before she was a year old.  I figured, why rush it?  Once she's walking, I'll be chasing her all over the place.  My Mom always told me they learned their lesson with me.  I was walking at 10 months - when my sister started trying to stand up, my Mom pulled her down because she didn't want her walking that early.  I was so convinced I could do the same thing.  Yea, right.
Natalie is now standing and pulling herself up.  Not only is she doing that but she's also been able to walk across the babysitter's entire living room by pushing this little ottoman on wheels (its the PERFECT height for a baby learning to walk).  There's no stopping her.  Look out - Natalie is on the move.  She is in Uncle Steve's wedding in May - she'll be the flower girl.  I have a feeling that she'll be walking down the aisle with Jeff and I instead of one of us carrying her.
God help us!

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