Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My worst fear came true :-(

Natalie wouldn't go to me when I picked her up from the babysitter today. She only wanted the babysitter (Aunt Val). I took her from Val and she kept reaching for her and started crying hysterically. She has never ever cried like that before. She cried like that the whole way home.

That has been my biggest fear about working and Natalie going to daycare - that she would begin to favor the babysitter over me. And now it happened. It completely broke my heart. I cried right along with Natalie on the ride home.

I know that I should just be happy that I have such a super babysitter for Natalie. At least I know she's being well taken care of while she's there and having fun with the other kids.

But I feel like such a failure as a Mom. Like, if I was a good Mom, my baby would KNOW I'm her Mother and want to go to me after she's been with the babysitter all day.

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