Friday, October 3, 2008

An issue I have with Sarah Palin

I cannot stand how she speaks. And I'm not talking about her accent.

I want my President and VP to sound like they're educated - unlike what we've had for the past 8 years! I want my leaders to be articulate. Especially after 8 years worth of Bush-isms!!!

"I'll betcha" instead of "I'll bet you"
Ending her words with -in instead of -ing
"yeah" instead of "yes"
"ya" instead of "you"
"ain't" instead of "isn't"

Its one thing if you use improper english once in awhile, possibly even in casual conversation. But when you're doing formal interviews and a formal debate? I'm not impressed by that.

I heard a commentator on conservative talk radio this morning say that American's relate to her because she speaks on their level - the guy even said she "dumbs it down" for people. Wow, seriously? She's dumbing down what she says so the American people can relate to her? I find that offensive. And yes, I know SHE nor anyone in her camp said that and I'm not saying they did - I find the speculation alone rather offensive.

I've been trying not to comment on the debates too much because I know I'm not a fan of Palin and therefore know I'm biased. And I really like Biden. So of course I think he won the debate. I think she did well, far better than I expected. But I don't know if people will take what I think seriously or respect my opinion because I didn't support her before the debate and probably will be more critical toward her than her supporters or those who are still on the fence. But I really had to share this issue because it is driving me NUTS! (and I would feel this way with anyone, not just her).

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  1. Should I just wait until after election day to check your blog to see what Natalie is up to?