Friday, May 16, 2008

Celebrity Moms

I am so damn sick and tired about reading these articles on these celebrity Moms saying how much they're loving every second of being a Mom and its just so fun and easy. I was just reading an article about Nicole and Harlow in Bazaar, then the one with JLo and the twins in People, and I'm forgetting some of the other recent ones...

Of COURSE its so much fun - you've got a damn assistant for god's sake!!! You had an assistant just to assist you with going about your regular life!!!! Why? Why do you have an assistant? Oh and don't forget the baby nurses that are around 24/7!! Shit, I'd have already had my second kid by now and be TTC my third if I had a baby nurse at my beck and call!!!

I am so sick and tired of these rich, out of touch with reality celebrities making motherhood look like its a walk in the park. I love my daughter more than I ever imagined and I'm so happy I have her, but never ever ever ever EVER would I say that it has been easy OR fun!!! Yes, I have fun with her, but I don't think motherhood is fun. I don't know, maybe I'm in the minority on that one?

I wish they would do an article on someone who is truly experiencing motherhood the way the rest of us "regular people" do. I wish they would talk about the good things AND the bad things. I'm sick of hearing about how calm and relaxing and balanced these new Moms are. I'd be balanced too if I had an assistant. I can't even get my secretary to assist me.

Ok, vent over.

Wait, P.S. - I'm also sick of seeing how perfect they look 4 weeks after giving birth. How are regular people NOT supposed to get a complex?

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  1. Oh MY GOODNESS!!! YES!! YES!!! Isn't is just crazy??? It's hard to remind yourself that THAT is not normal at all.....