Friday, May 2, 2008

Broken Elbows and other such nonsense...

I had to take a hiatus from my blogging guessed it! I broke my elbow on vacation in OBX. Seriously, who does that? I slipped on a tile floor - ouch! It isn't even an exciting story!

So, I've been trying to recover from that on top of getting ready for Stevie's wedding and Natalie's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!

Our vacation was nice - minus the whole broken elbow incident. Natalie was sooooooo good! I'm so proud of her! I hope we can go back again sometime soon!

Things have been tough for Jeff since we got back beacuse not only does he have Natalie to take care of, but me as well!!! I'm getting better, but I still have a hard time lifting things with my arm and taking care of Natalie. It also seems as though Natalie is getting some more teeth - she has been miserable this week!! I hope they pop through soon - she seems so unhappy!

Here are some pictures!!

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