Thursday, March 3, 2011

Week 9? Maybe? 3/1/2011

I've been slacking a bit on my 52 weeks of pictures projects. Well...I wouldn't call it slacking exactly. More like it hasn't even been on my radar until I see my friend post her adorable weekly pictures. And then *POOF* just like that! It's out of my head again. I was so proud of myself for remember this particular morning. Too bad the girls wouldn't look at the camera at the same time! This was on our way out the door on Tuesday. Natalie was on her way to preschool and Ava was on her way to her 18 month check up.

Which went well, by the way. Except for the fact that she had a bad reaction to her Hep B shot. Doh. Never a dull moment! She's doing ok now and it was nothing super serious, but we were a little worried. Her leg got very swollen and at one point had a fever over 103 (which she's never had) and wouldn't even walk. You could tell her leg REALLY hurt where she had her shot, so by the 2nd day of her refusing to walk, we called her doctor and he confirmed the reaction. Lots of benadryl later, she's a new kid and doing just fine. (And sleeping nicely too! HA!) She is 33 inches tall (90% for height!!) and 24lbs - she was 24lbs 5oz at her last appointment so she has lost weight (probably from her cast situation...) and that bumped her from the 75% to 50% for weight. Tall and skinny!

Natalie is starting a colors unit at preschool this month. She informed Jeff and I that leprauchans can be found at the end of rainbows and they have a pot of gold, but they won't share. Sounds about right! It is so much fun to hear her learning about these things. Then she mentioned to me that maybe we should beat the leprauchan up to get the pot of gold...which is PROBABLY the way to do it. But I'm not exactly where she got that idea from and we had to have a little discussion about not beating people up. Natalie has also decided that she'd like a Pinkalicious birthday party this year. It was originally princesses and then strawberry shortcake, so we'll see if this sticks!
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