Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Natalie goes to THE WIGGLES!!! (Thanks to NANA!)

We had such a good time!!!!! We had GREAT seats!! I definitely recommend going if you can - so worth it. Just the reaction Natalie had was worth the money to go!! This might sound corny, but the Wiggles were SO sweet. They came into the audience (the new Wiggle was right next us!) and they took the time to say hi to so many kids. Then they took the time to read each and EVERY sign that kids made for them and then THANKED each kid for the sign! Seriously, I think I fell in love with them a little bit because they were just so sweet.

Jeff is so much tinier in person!!!!!! It was a little long for Natalie I think - she petered out after an hour or so. It was a little to long for her. I was getting a little stressed because we were right smack in the middle of our section and had NO escape if she went into meltdown mode. Luckily it didn't really happen. I brought food to keep her occupied I will definitely take her again (probably when she's 3 or 4 though!) if they come to town again. It was great!!!

Here is a pic...and a VIDEO!!! Soooo illegal for us to take the video but she was too cute!! We couldn't help it. Sorry its sideways - we can't figure out how to turn it and I am too impatient and wanted to share!!!

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  1. The link to the video doesn't work